CMMG Upper Group, BANSHEE, 9MM, 8″


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Combining carbine-like ballistic performance and compact size, this 8” BANSHEE™ upper group is what you need for the ultimate 9mm AR. Not only does this 9mm upper utilize CMMG®’s RDB technology, but shooters also have a number of lower/magazine pairing options. CMMG 9mm uppers work with standard AR15/Mk4 lowers and 9 AR Conversion Mags as well as a number of our pistol magazine lowers: Mk9 (Colt-pattern mags), MkGs (Glock-pattern mags), Mk17 (Sig P320 mags). Available in six different Cerakote finishes, all CMMG® Upper Groups come complete with bolt carrier group and ZEROED™ accessories including:

ZEROED AR15 Polymer Dust Cover

ZEROED AR15 Ambi Charging Handle

ZEROED Linear Compensator 9mm

Radial Delayed Blowback™ Operating System

Originally developed for the .45 ACP MkG platform, CMMG has adapted our Radial Delayed Blowback system across our pistol caliber lineup to create pistols and rifles with a softer recoil impulse and reduced bolt weight compared to traditional straight blowback systems. Check out our CMMG Resources article & video to learn more about what sets Radial Delayed Blowback apart.