CMore STS2 Red Dot Sight


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NOTE: Mounting bolts 6-32 screw thread.

The RTS2 has a wider and taller lens vs. the STS2 for more field of view. They both share an identical screw and boss footprint and the sight body’s are the same width and will interchange on the same piccatiny adapters or any mount/ adapter like for 2011 open pistols. However the body of the RTS2 is slightly longer so direct mounting on cut pistol slide’s will require a different recess cut to allow for that length difference. SPecs for all of that are available on C-More’s website but here they are for reference; Lens specs= STS2: .946″W & .604″H, RTS2: 1.014″W & .866″H. Body specs= width is 1.1″ for both , STS2 is 1.830″L and RTS2 is 2.007″L.