Dawson Precision Precision Pin Set 2011


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Now Dawson 1911/2011 Pin Sets comes with all the pins you need to build a 1911 or STI 2011.
The Dawson 1911 Pin Set also works with SV, Para , and Caspian HiCaps.
Available in blue or stainless and all pin sets come with both a 1911 and a 2011
ejector pin which is tagged for your convenience so that you can tell the difference.
Now we make it easy to have what you need, when you need it!

Pin Set includes:  
•Hammer Pin
•Hammer Strut Pin
•Sear Pin
•Mainspring Cap 
•Mainspring Cap Retainer Pin
•1911 Mainspring Housing Pin
•Mainspring Housing Pin Retainer
•Link Pin
•1911 Ejector Pin
•2011 Ejector Pin
•2011 Mainspring Housing Pin
•2011 Magwell Pin
•Plunger Slide Stop/Plunger Thumb Safety