Double Alpha Dislodge Wedge for Dillon Variable Speed Case Feeder


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The Dillon Variable Speed DC case feeder is a massive improvement compared to the older, original AC design. However, the new collator tub design, which eliminated the earlier steel side-plate, introduces a small gab at the top of the collator. In order to prevent cases from leaning on one another and possibly jamming at the exit hole, Dillon incorporates an adjustable plastic wedge designed to dislodge any stacked cases. 

We aim to improve the performance of this feature with our DAA Dislodge-Wedge for Dillon Variable speed Casefeeder.

Our wedge is designed to be much larger and longer than the original Dillon part, reaching down to the very base of the plate, and providing a more gradual, angled surface to clear stacked cases as the disc rotates, at any speed.

The DAA Dislodge-Wedge for the Dillon Variable speed Casefeeder is included with every DAA Turbo Case Feeder Plate, but is also offered separately here. For those reloaders who are content to use their original Dillon Case Feeder Plates, but who experience the occasional issue with the original Wedge.   

Suitable for use only in the Dillon DC Variable Speed Case Feeder model.

Includes 2 mounting screws.