Empty Precision Bottle Oiler 1oz


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This Precision Oiler is a squeeze bottle makes releasing your liquid easy to control and precise. The unit is practically designed and can be used for solvents, oils or other liquids. Just fill it up and squeeze to release.

Made with a polyethylene material, the bottle is easy to squeeze. It comes with a blunt, stainless steel needle. This needle allows you to accurately distribute your liquid without any messy spills, waste or evaporation. The bottle has a capacity of 30ml  and is also translucent, so you can easily see how much liquid you’ve got left.

Suitable for a range of environments, this squeeze bottle is often used in industrial or factory settings where precision is needed for soldering and de-soldering processes. It’s also suitable for hospitals and laboratories.


Features and Benefits


• Spill-proof squeeze bottle
• Made from polyethylene material
• Translucent in colour
• stainless steel needle for precise liquid distribution
• Capacity of 60 ml
• Suitable for use with oil and solvent