LPA Rifle Front and Rear Sight


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MAS7COM is a revolutionary folding adjustable set which is also removable for assault rifles equipped with weaver and / or picatinny rail. The set consists of a folding rear sight (MAS7) that incorporates a solid and fast opening and closing mechanism, engineered to ensure a compact and snag resistant design. MAS7 provides 4 ghost rings of different diameters that can be selected instantly by washer with a selector switch, allowing always to have the best precision in relation to the distance of the target selected. In addition, the MAS7 rear sight allows a click micrometer windage adjustment by a special device of ambidextrous knobs. In combination with the rear sight the innovative folding front sight T-MAS7 allows adjustment of the height by a click washer inserted into the main body of the front sight, providing a precision adjustment immediately by hand without special equipment needed. The T-MAS7 is available in red fiber optic or fully black and can be easily changed without any special equipment. Both the MAS7 and the T-MAS7, once closed and off, have no sharp edges that can cause the entanglement or snagging of the gun. This set is partially constructed of steel and partly of aluminium alloy to make MAS7 and T-MAS7 designed to combine the action and the light on the rifle.


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