Manson Precision Rimless Pistol Cartridge, 9mm Luger Finisher


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Outstanding Quality Reamers By Dave Manson Help You Produce Accurate Chambers

Engineered and ground by one of the most respected names in firearms reamers, Dave Manson. Superb quality reamers made to SAAMI specifications, ground from M7 steel to cut precise chambers capable of outstanding accuracy. Finish Chambering Reamers feature integral throater and solid, fixed pilots.  Throating Reamers let you customize a chambering job for non-standard bullets or additional freebore length. Available as finish reamers unless listed otherwise.

SPECS: M7 High speed steel, in-the-white. Solid pilot, six, straight flutes, right-hand cut. Rimfire reamers have 1⁄4″ (6.3mm) diameter round shank. Centerfire reamers have 3⁄8″ (9.5mm) square drive shank. .50 BMG has a 1⁄2″ round shank. Pistol reamers available with barrel pilot diameter for semi-auto and single shot pistols. .38 Super Nonte headspaces on case mouth.