PBS Shothunt – Electronic Earmuff


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Shothunt is the answer to those looking for an alternative to bulky ear muffs and want to feel free and protected while they devoted themselves to their passion.

The box includes:

protective case,
6 mod. 10 zinc-air batteries,
6 foam tips in 3 sizes (small, medium, large),
cleaning brush.

3 positions for shooter model ( simple pressure on the button will change mode):

  • Level 0 ( No sound, but the system is still active but not rendering )
  • Level 1 ( rendering level is just under a normal conversation )
  • Level 2 ( rendering level is just above a normal conversation )

For hunter model, Level 1 and 2 are having a higher rendering volume to give the hunters a better sound of low sounds while hunting.

Shothunt is the new electronic hearing protector that performs 2 functions simultaneously:

  • Automatically dampens harmful sounds that exceed 82dB ensuring optimal protection against acoustic shock such as gunshots and prolonged noise
  • Reproduces and amplifies ambient sounds up to 20dB in high fidelity with the ability to adjust the volume to your liking.

Technical Infos:

  • Standard Fit adapts to most ear canal shapes. No fitting required.
  • Ergonomic, Half-Shell design prevents slippage.
  • Memory Foam pad ensures a perfect, comfortable fit and adherence to all ear canals.
  • 100% digital processor featuring multi-channel technology that eliminates only harmful sounds, leaving high frequencies clear and easy to hear.
  • Pure 360° sound.
  • Completely Waterproof. Water-repellent electronic componets featuring P2i Aridion nanotechnology, guaranteeing superior protection against water, moisture, sweat and corrosion.