Phoenix Trinity Frame 2011 Long Dust 9mm/s38/4s&w/45acp




The 1911 Hi-Cap Modular frame was based off of the original Tripp Research design with improvements made in contour and radial angle as well as some shooter requested enhancements. The frame rails are made within +/- .0005″ parallelism to the frame body and a Clark/Para ramp cut is included in every frame at no additional cost. The changes made to the frame facilitate easier fitting and blending of parts and uses all common parts associated with the 1911 platform.

Our frames are known throughout the country for being the highest quality available. If you plan on building your own race gun, look no further for the frame of your dreams. There is NOT a race gun company on the planet who can machine better than we can.

*Frames are machined with Clark/Para Ramp Cut*


CALL TO PURCHASE! (0917 517 5575 / 0916 437 5050) All firearms require LTOPF (License to own and Posses Firearm)

  • All firearms require LTOPF (License to Own and Possess Firearm)
  • Shipping via airline cargo: P3,500


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