RANGE TIME by Max Michel and Saul Kirsch


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RANGE TIME is an Action Shooting training book, offering you a wide range of drills to help improve your shooting skills. It’s the perfect book to have in your range bag as you head out to practice – making each session more productive and enjoyable.

In this book, Max Michel and Saul Kirsch share with you over 50 years of combined training experience to help you improve your skills and effectively progress towards achieving your goals in the Action Shooting Sports.

121 practice drills are included in this book, coving skill sets ranging from Recoil Management, Target Transition and Shooting on the move, through Kneeling and Prone shooting, Draws, Reloads and more.

Each drill is presented on a two-page spread, clearly listing the equipment needed for setup, the layout of the drill, the sequence to be shot, and specific tips and points of focus relevant to that drill.

With every drill, you will find a QR code link, which leads to a video demonstration by World Champion Max Michel, in which he demonstrates the drill and offers some additional helpful pointers.

  • Paperback, 272 pages
  • Full color print
  • 10 IPSC / USPSA skill sets, each are color coded for ease of navigation
  • Page format 210x210mm (8.3”x8.3”)
  • 121 Drills with QR codes to video demos of every drill

How to use this book

You can work your way through the book chronologically, trying to complete all drills in sequence, but that is not our recommendation.

We suggest you take a good honest look at your current shooting level and try to determine your strong and weak skills. Then go straight to the points requiring work. Practice those first.

Don’t work on more than two or three skill sets per practice. Do enough repetitions to allow the technique to sink in, and focus more on quality and precision, less on speed and quantity.

Always remember: Practice Makes Permanent, Not Perfect. Only Perfect Practice makes Perfect! Always pay close attention to the quality of your practice and do not allow yourself to become lazy or careless on the practice range. A bad practice can actually harm more than help, and you would have been better off not training at all on that day.

Stay focused, stay motivated and stay structured, and we will soon see you on the podium!