BC 2011 STI Adjustable Thumbrest (1911/2011/STI)



911/STI 2011 Staccato Adjustable Thumbrest gives you comfort and control through a perfect fit to all hand sizes.

The thumb rest can be mounted in three positions along with the pistol frame so you can comfortably reach the thumb paddle.

The adjustable thumb paddle can be set with three different pitch angles to fit your hand perfectly and adequately control the pistol to help achieve a steadier aim.

Suitable for all 1911 and 2011 pistols with standard .375″ mount hole spacing.


  • Precision machined from aluminium with an anodised/plated protective finish
  • Allows for faster follow up shots and control by managing recoil more effectively
  • Mounts directly to the frame through 2011 multi-mount holes with multiple positioning options depending on which holes are selected.
  • Right Handed Thumbrest Model
  • Please note mounting screws are not included.

Boss Components recommends 15-inch lbs of torque and a drip of blue Loctite on mounting screws. Use caution when installing screws as over-tightening can damage the frame. Please note mounting screws are not included. The use of a certified gunsmith is always recommended.