GHOST Carbon Black Belt

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An IPSC shooting belt is a belt specially designed to carry the weight
of your gun and magazines, securely and without jogging of moving as you
run and jump. It is as important as choosing the right holster or
All modern IPSC style belts are 2-belt systems. An inner
thinner belt that is worn through the pant loops, and a thicker,
stiffer outer belt that attaches to the inner belt.
Product contains:•Outer belt – 1 pc.•Inner belt – 1 pc.•Belt loop – 1pc.When
choosing your shooting belt, be sure that you get a size large enough
to allow for a generous overlap of the outer belt once close over the
inner belt, and with the gear mounted on it.

If you are wavering between two sizes – choose the biggest one. Keep in
mind that clothes you are wearing while shooting always add some
centimeters to your waist measurements.

Or you can follow this sizing

Size 100cm – 32″-36″

Size 110cm – 38″-42″

Size 120cm – 44″-48″

Ex. if your pant size is 32″ you should get the 100cm

If your pant size is 36″ you should get 100cm

If your pant size is 38″ you should get 110cm

This belt comes with a Velcro type of Belt Loop. You can upgrade to the New Polymer Belt Loop by adding this to your order.