LOK Grips CZ Shadow 2 Palm Swell GridLOK Aluminum – BLACK


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IPSC Approved

These grips are CNC machined from solid 6061 Aluminum, anodized several colors, and feature our aggressive GridLOK texture for increased performance and stability.

Full Size: ~3.00 oz +/- 0.10 oz
Short: ~2.730 oz +/- 0.10 oz

Fitment (does NOT fit CZ 97)
NO Magwell: Stock Shadow 2 and full size CZ’s(SP-01, Shadow 1, etc) or TS 2 | TS | TSO | Czechmate  with no magwell
SHORT:  Shadow 2 with magwell, TS 2 | TSO | Czechmate, full size CZ’s & TS with magwells that list “SHORT grips required”

LOK Grips Magwells: For best fitment and comfort, add a LOK Grips Magwell! (Requires SHORT grips)
Shadow 2 Magwell – Click HERE! – Only fits Shadow 2
TS Series Magwell – Click HERE! – Fits TS 2, TSO, TS, & TS Czechmate

Our CZ Shadow 2 palm swell grips are made thin at the top to accommodate the Shadow 2’s higher grip toward the axis of the barrel.
These grips are significantly thicker than the stock grips.  With the stock aluminum grips, we measure the thickness of the gun across the grips at 1.135″.  With our palm swell grips, we measure the thickness of the gun across the peak of the grips at 1.475″.