Safeguard Armor Bulletproof Vest – Armour COMMANDER Series 2, Large, Black, NIJ 3A


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The Commander Series 2 provides the optimum overt protection solution. Purpose-built for unparalleled protection, the Commander offers malleability and toughness, with versatility

and comfort. Featuring a Cordura® carrier, this tactical vest is complete with a fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps, and can be upgraded with hard ballistic plates through the vests front and back modular SAPI pockets.

This customizable overt solution has been engineered to provide maximum protection within high-risk environments.

  • Lightweight
  • 4 point adjustable system
  • Front and back SAPI pockets for hard ballistic plates
  • Sizing from small to 4XL
  • Drag handle
  • Side pockets for hard ballistic
  • Molle system
  • 3D spacer mesh for added comfort