Taylor Freelance Canik Backstrap Grip Panel Alum

Original price was: ₱2,800.00.Current price is: ₱2,380.00.

Aluminum “backstrap” grip panel for the Canik TP9SF/SFX/One (full-size)

– absorbs some recoil (1.1 ounces added)
– lowers the center of gravity (less top-heavy)
– High-traction checkered surface (better control)
– built-in mount for TF Magwell
– IDPA compliant “non-weighted” grip panel
– brilliant colors!

While not as heavy as our brass version, the added mass of an aluminum backstrap grip panel offers a smaller dose of the same benefits, while offering the same checkering and built-in magwell mount. This model should appeal to IDPA competitors who are not allowed to use brass grip panels in competition. (Changing grip panels to something like aluminum is okay in IDPA, but brass is specifically banned.)

Why add weight? Weight and felt recoil are directly related, so by adding weight, a metal backstrap grip panel calms the gun down, creating a smoother-shooting, softer-kicking, more-neutrally-balanced handgun. Adding weight to the frame also reduces the tendency toward “weak wrist” malfunctions common to all polymer frame handguns. This manifests itself most often when shooting weak-hand-only. The extra mass gives the frame a greater resistance to being pushed rearward in recoil — helping ensure reliable cycling when the shooter can’t supply full resistance due to weakness, poor form, or a too-low grip.