Bore Tech BRONZE PISTOL BRUSH 1 PACK – .40/.41/10 MM

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It’s not just a brush it’s a Bore Tech Benchmark Brush! Bore Tech’s Benchmark Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes are known for being the finest in the industry and set the benchmark for all other phosphor bronze brushes. With twice the amount of oversized bristles, double wound cores with looped ends and barrel safe studs these brushes provide long-lasting, safe and effective scrubbing action.

Bore Tech’s Benchmark Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes are known as being the finest in the industry and set the standard for all other phosphor bronze brushes for certain types of caliber. This is due to the superior construction and engineered features incorporated into each and every brush. Our premium Benchmark Bronze Brushes have twice the amount of phosphorous bronze bristles and each caliber has specifically tailored bristle diameters resulting in double the scrubbing action and faster cleaning.


Thread Size: 8-32