MBX PCC Pro Series AR9mm 16” Rifle – AIR BUFFER

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  1. The MBX 9mm Pro Comp Competition Rifle is designed as all MBX products to perform at the highest level. Ready to use “OUT OF THE BOX”.
  2. MBX Prides itself on producing the Best Products for the Shooting Sports and Law Enforcement communities.
  3. MBX does not rush to get products out that are minimal to average at best in their performance for our customers.
  4. With so many hours spent behind the “NEW” 9mm Pro Comp Competition Rifle by myself (Adrian Cobb President MBX) and the MBX Team, we tested and developed products that would work best together. We shot thousands of rounds and it became clear that certain combinations worked best together were other did not. We started listing parts which some we designed from scratch, build, or modified. It was rather a blueprint for parts and improvements that we could build in order to assure that when the completed rifle was assembled it would achieve 100% Performance. We at MBX wanted to pass this along to our customers.
  5. MBX has developed the “Patented” Air Buffer System and Standard Buffer System that has Proven Performance. Ultra Light weight MBX Barrel and Compensator along with MBX Steel Extended Magazine catch. During the development time, we could see a clear picture of what combination we wanted to put together for the perfect mid priced Performance Competition
  1. PCC Rifle. Light, Fast, Well Balanced, and easy to transition. With Great Recoil Recoil Control, Consistency, and Sight/Dot tracking. All that being said, MBX Strived and Build a Complete Rifle for the person who wants to pick it up and go to shooting range/match knowing they will have the Ultimate in Performance, Reliability, and Durability “OUT OF THE BOX”.
  2. Hope you Enjoy your NEW MBX Pro Comp Competition Rifle!
1. MBX Ultra Light Pencil Profiled 10.5” barrel with NEW MBX Compensator total length 16.1
2. MBX Competition Magwell
3. MBX Steel Extended Magazine Catch
4. Adjustable magazine aliment set screw for the perfect fit for any make of magazine
5. Pinned Tuned Ejector for flawless performance
6. Last bolt hold back featured upper receiver
7. Aluminum Light Weight 10” Handguard
8. Hipertouch Competition 3.51b-41b Hiperfire Trigger
9. Hogue Stock and Grip
1. Soft Rifle Bag MBX – FDE
2. MBX Shirt


CALL TO PURCHASE! (0917 517 5575 / 0916 437 5050) All firearms require LTOPF (License to own and Posses Firearm)

  • All firearms require LTOPF (License to Own and Possess Firearm)
  • Shipping via airline cargo: P3,500


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